Rolfs Salon

At the center of the US professional beauty industry for more than 3 decades, ROLFS brand, a venerable beauty house headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., operating leading salons in the Phoenix-Metro area, has evolved into ROLFS Global, “ROLFS Salon of the Future”, ROLFS Global Institute, and a sponsor of over 3,000 charities.

ROLFS Salon of the Future, the first of its kind worldwide, combines state-of-the-art global design, innovation, technology, nature and sustainability featuring custom flooring made from paper and recycled woods made from around the world. From the ROLFSBot, Digital Art of Color Bar, fashion video walls, to the Magic Mirror, which utilizes augmented reality to digitally transform a client’s look before their eyes, it elevates the salon experience on every level.

Devoted to excellence, ROLFS is powered by internationally skilled, college and university educated beauty professionals that are just as comfortable executing high-fashion runway looks as they are empowering women to embrace their unique beauty. To date, ROLFS has sparked a style uprising amongst some of the world’s most renowned fashion icons, celebrities, national and international leaders and royalties. ROLFS believes in intelligent beauty, creating a customized, modern portrait of style for each individual – a style that causes one’s inner beauty to radiate by luxuriating the outer and esteeming the whole.  

In partnership with the world renowned, global beauty giant, L’Oréal, ROLFS has developed the first ever higher-education pathway for beauticians to earn a college and university degree. Beauty professionals around the world now have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree in Beauty and Wellness, enabling them to provide the most modern, innovative, customer-centric beauty experience beyond just a haircut or hair color.

Visit the house of ROLFS at any one of our fashion-forward, modern, and high-end hair salon locations to experience our luxurious atmosphere or contact ROLFS Global to enroll in the ROLFS Global Institute and pursue a beauty college and university degree. This game-changing higher education platform will revolutionize the professional beauty industry, amplifying its importance and reach.