Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined


Imagine an existence where beauty is undefined by size, shape, or a label. Imagine an existence where beauty is no longer judged by the eye of the beholder. Imagine an existence where beauty transcends beyond the delicate surface of the skin. Imagine… Beauty Redefined to be inclusive.

A shift is occurring in the conversation around beauty. The ideas of what makes someone beautiful of the past bear little power in the modern concepts. The conversation is shifting, favoring more than what just meets the eye, and that in no small part thanks to the many women using their voices, finding their platforms, and saying the ideals and standards of yesterday are no longer welcome today. And with continued strength and resiliency, by tomorrow, those old and out of touch beauty standards will be forgotten.

The New Definition: Values Inclusion, Diversity, Strength, and More

Beauty Redefined by ROLFS SalonWe are often exposed to so-called ideal models of beauty. Especially on social media, where the influencers many follow portray perfection through every post. Perfect body, perfect hair, teeth, jawbone, nose. Perfect, or nothing.

But the idea that beauty has a model or must follow a strict set of guidelines is erroneous from the get-go. Look toward nature, one of the primary sources of beauty, which inspired many artists throughout the years. Nature does not have a pattern or an archetype. It is diverse, wild, always changing, and unpredictable. And we know nature is beautiful because of it.

And like nature, people are also diverse, which makes beauty, by nature, diverse along with them. Having too strict rules or establishing clear models of beauty causes great injustices to the amazing diversity that naturally exists in humans. It makes some blind to recognize their own beauty. It makes others go on exhausting journeys to change their nature in order to fit the mold.

For so long, the idea of beauty had very narrow borders. Because of it, many people were inevitably left on the sidelines, like their body, appearance, or what they represented did not conform to the standard set without them knowing.

Now as we redefine beauty, these bodies, voices, and perspectives are finally breaking through that mold and proving inclusion. Letting people know that they were always beautiful – the mold was just wrong.

True Beauty Lies Within

Redefined Beauty is now, more than ever, about finding who you are, discovering your freedom, and expressing what you are, unapologetically. It’s no longer about having a standard anyone must live up to. It’s the idea that each person is, in a sense, a standard, or a different facet of beauty.

More than ever, the beauty within is in the world’s spotlight, and there’s an increasing understanding that what you present to the world, how you look, is just a reflection of your inner self.

Instead of going on tiresome endeavors to cover the inner self at every level, just to fit into a mold that has nothing to do with real beauty, people are finding empowerment in turning their backs on their standards. They are empowered by allowing themselves to be honest in their self-expression, good what feels good to them intuitively, without the need of outside assistance.

This freedom brings about an amazing light that can surround a person, and everyone can see it.

Beauty redefined. In the end, beauty does not have a definition. You define your own beauty.

We Are Here to Celebrate It

You get to define what beauty is for yourself, and we at ROLFs are simply here to assist you on your journey and help you bring out your inner beauty.

If you’re ready to make a change, we invite you to visit ROLFS and celebrate your unique beauty: online form.