“Month of Red”

“Month of Red”


This month we are going on a new journey to dive deeper into the color red, rather than revolving around the usual sentiment of red attached to Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love. Red represents so much more in our lives. Red is assertive, determined, daring, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, exciting, and impulsive. Red is the color of extremes. Red is passion, courage, beauty and beyond.

We invite you to engage with this passionate color and follow us along our journey for the month of February.


#MonthofRedThe #MonthOfRed is a lifestyle, a mood, intellect, and energy like never before. This month promises to paint a big stroke of crimson across this ever-evolving life. Enjoy our contemporary path throughout the month by following the hashtag #MonthofRed on all social media platforms. We are excited to explore the power and beauty of this three-letter word, R E D, to inspire you to think more boldly of red in your own life.

“There is a shade of red for every woman” – Audrey Hepburn

Red Meaning

Red is far beyond just a color. In its many hues, it accentuates the timelessness of beauty with fluidity giving passion and depth in unique ways. Beyond its associated meaning of love, passion, desire, red is more than just the primary color. Red is:

  • The symbol of rebirth and beginning.
  • An intense color, demanding attention with a welcoming warmth.
  • A power that gives rise to our feeling of assertiveness and love.
  • A representation of power and courage.
  • A statement of boldness in fashion.
  • A stimulating color exuding energy.

Red is Love

February is widely known for the month of love, surrounding us by vibrant hues of red. We invite you to connect with the deeper beauty of love. Love is inclusive. It showers us with energy and empowers us to share it with others.

Love is liberating. Love empowers us to know our true self and to share our authenticity with others. Love is universal and lives everywhere and we can experience it in so many ways.

  • Love for others
  • Love for oneself
  • Love for beauty
  • Love for the Mother Earth
  • Love for transformation
  • Love for universal oneness

Infuse passion and enthusiasm into your voice through this color. Gesture widely, exude inspiration, invigorate your soul. Evoke power, poise, and love through the color red.

Engage in Red

Throughout the month of February, we encourage every one of you to follow our hashtag, #MonthofRed, and express your own meanings of red. We want to engage the desire in your heart when you are most energized, by a person, an opportunity, a dream, or a garment of fashion, the shade of lipstick, or anything else and urge you to share that with others. Embrace the boldness of red and all that comes with it in your life.

This month, dive deeper into red and enjoy its true beauty and power.



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