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Our World is changing at the speed of light and humanity is becoming more aware of its true power and beauty.  The world of beauty and the beauty professionals have the perfect platform to empower every individual’s journey of transformation to their true beauty and to play a main role in making the world a better place.

Third Space is dedicated to put every beauty professional on a pathway that educates them to understand, respect, and embrace the unique beauty and power of every single woman and man and to support their individual journey of transformation and true beauty.

Third Space Institute is dedicated to educating the beauty professionals of the future, enabling them to provide a beauty space where every individual is encouraged to be beautiful on their own terms, have a choice and a voice, feel heard, respected, invigorated, inspired, empowered, and safe.

To deliver on our new vision of the beauty experience, one that meets and exceeds the wants and needs of the 21st century markets and clients, we have created an innovative higher education pathway, the first of its kind worldwide.
For the first time ever, beauty professionals can earn a college and university degree for hairdressers enabling them to provide a highly elevated, intelligent, and customer-centric, memorable beauty experience like never before.

Third Space Institute is an integrative part of the higher education model creating prestige, long term careers, diversified opportunities, financial growth and true fulfillment and happiness for all in the international beauty industry.
To support the beauty professionals of the future higher education pathway, the Third Space Institute offers the following, for which you will receive a credit hour towards your college and university degree:

Pre-College Training

College and University Scholarship

Personal and Professional Development Programs

Salon of the Future Training

Scholarship for Innovative Training in Europe

Global Advanced Technical Education (hands-on)


Innovative Digital Beauty Service Training

ROLFS, in collaboration with L’Oréal, has pioneered the creation and development of a revolutionary higher-education program for beauty professionals that is the first of its kind worldwide. 

In partnership with  Mesa Community College (MCC), students around the globe can now earn the first-ever Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Beauty and Wellness and continue to Arizona State University (ASU) for a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree program in Health, Entrepreneurship and Innovation with an emphasis on personal care.

A new chapter in the history of the professional beauty industry

For over three decades the award-winning, professional beauty industry leader, Rolfs, has challenged the status quo of the beauty industry by continuously innovating the education and reinventing the consumer experience.

Rolfs is spearheading a dramatic change in the beauty industry education. The time has come for us to take the beauty industry education to the next level. 

Rolfs invests in the beauty professionals and hair designers of the future by providing scholarships, empowering them to transform their lives and enjoy a financially rewarding, long term career and future.

Rolfs has awarded over one million dollars in scholarship to beauty professionals, enabling them to enter into the workforce and enjoy a whole new level of financial success, personal fulfillment, and happiness.

One million dollars In scholarship – Pathway to higher education

Be part of the future

Rolfs Global & L'Oreal USA

Take your career to the next level. Enjoy the prestige, financial stability, and the true happiness you have always dreamed of. Are you ready to be among the first to obtain a college and university degree in beauty and enjoy an exciting new future?

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