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The Future is Here

We are excited and proud to announce the opening of our newest salon, Rolfs Salon of the Future in Scottsdale, the very first of its kind worldwide. Building on our legacy of over three decades in beauty, fashion, luxury, education and innovation, we bring a whole new level of standard in service excellence and ultimate beauty experience. 

Salon of the Future combines art, technology, beauty, nature and compassion to create a beauty experience like never before.

The design of the Salon of the Future celebrates “intelligent beauty”. Some of the features include custom-made glass from Australia with real flowers embedded in it, stations built and signed by master European designers, German technology custom flooring made out of paper, an in-door garden, hand blown glass shades by Czechoslovakia master glassblower, and recycled woods sorted from around the world.

We invite you to visit and explore all of the thoughtful surprises we have in store for you. We are confident you will find the opulence truly remarkable and beyond anything you have ever experienced.

Art meets science

Rolfs Salon of the Future presents the world’s largest art of color bar, featuring over 7,000 shades of color. 

This state of the art color bar features the most innovative technology for color formulation creating a highly customized color application. This technology also keeps the most meticulous digital record.

Formulating your unique color

Rolfs pioneers robotic technology to create an innovative and entertaining ambiance.

Rolf celebrates innovation and forward-thinking by presenting the first ever robotic technology in the professional beauty industry.

The salon taps technology to enhance your beauty experience. Affectionately known as ROLFSbot, you will be warmly welcomed by him. He will tell you all about the salon of the future and he loves to take a selfie with you. 

“Our clients love ROLFSbot and always say they’d love to take him home” – Rolf

Rolfs Salon of the Future features an advanced digital curtain showcasing fashion and beauty events, runway shows, and more than 200 of our salon’s philanthropic partnerships.

Digital platforms are displayed throughout the salon inviting you to capture a colorful keepsake of your beauty transformation.

Digital Curtain

Magic Mirror

At Rolfs Salon of the Future you will experience the wonder of the digital magic mirror. Through augmented reality technology, you can virtually transform your look by selecting from thousands of color shades, hair style and make up. You can send your customized new look, in real time, to all of your friends to have fun and ask for their opinion.

In today’s world, more than ever before, intelligent, modern business demands a high level of social awareness and responsibility.

With over 200 sponsored charities each year, we have a long tradition of giving back to our wonderful client base and the community. Our commitment to excellence extends to helping build a strong community and benefit those who need it most.

“It is a genuine pleasure to give back and support important programs that enrich the lives of so many around the world. All companies have an obligation to enrich the communities in which they work and prosper.” -Rolf 

There are many ways for us to celebrate beauty, many ways to be beautiful on earth. We each need to do what we can in our own ways. By sponsoring important causes and events, raising awareness, donating resources, time and talent, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many.

The beauty industry has the highest obligation and opportunity to make the world a more beautiful place. 

Becoming the Best Version of Ourselves.

Everyone at Rolfs reads 10-15 books a year. We come regularly together to share what we have learned, our individual perspective and point of view. It is most joyful, fulfilling and inspiring to watch each other grow both personally and professionally. It is a beautiful way to connect, to share and to celebrate each other, our amazing journey together, and humanity collectively. 


Nature inspires us and reminds us what true beauty is all about.

Beauty is not just one thing.

Beauty is all encompassing.

Nature is our most valuable teacher.

We learn resilience and harmony and so much more from just listening to nature.

Happiness… It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” -Van Gogh

Vincent Van Goh was a Dutch artists whose art was known for the striking colors, empathetic brush work, and contoured forms of his work that powerfully influenced the current of expressionism in modern art. 

“Art is about emotion, if art needs to be explained it is no longer art.” – Pierre Auguste Renoir 

Renoir was far more complex and thoughtful in his paintings than he was assumed. He created a monumental, classically inspiring style that influenced many artists. 


Rolfs Channel Coming 2021

At ROLFS being unique, graceful, and true to yourself is valued above all else.

The world of ROLFS is filled with playfulness, confidence, intelligence and humor. It is a place that brings laughter and friendship, adventure and harmony. It’s the enchanting light of the Sedona desert and the sparkle of the rising sun over the skyscrapers of Manhattan. The world of ROLFS is filled with the excitement and glamour of being in the front row of a Paris fashion show, the foreign comfort of a London cab, and the history and mystery in the cobblestone streets of Rome. It’s the quiet thrill of holding hands with a new love, a warm breeze and peaceful hammock, and the stunning beauty of a classic yacht bound for Capri. It’s a world where the abstract colorfulness of Kandinsky live alongside the painterly masterpieces of Van Gogh and enduring perfection in exquisite fashion photography. It’s the precise notes in classical symphony and the raw power in a rock n’ roll riff. ROLFS is a world of freshness and hope and timeless tradition, where close friends, inner peace and artistic expression are held dear, where being unique, graceful, and true to yourself are valued above all else. It is a world of creativity and passion that stands for honesty, respect and friendships. 

You are provided with your own team of internationally educated and highly specialized beauty professionals. Your team is familiar with all of your customized style and color formulation with meticulous digital records kept, enabling you to receive your beauty desires and wants on your own terms at anytime most convenient to you.

Your personalized pro team available to you any time.

Aqua Lounge

It is our pleasure to indulge you in our glamorous Aqua Lounge. Imagine enjoying a full body massage in our state-of-the-art chairs, custom made in Italy, while receiving a luxurious hair treatment and viewing the season’s hottest trends, runway shows, and coverage of more than 200 philanthropic partnerships of the salon on LED curved televisions. 

Where beauty meets humanity. Where art meets technology. Where outer beauty meets inner beauty.

Intelligent Beauty is a result of a life lived to its fullest, of appreciating the smallest of daily miracles. It is the colorful intensity of the land, sea, and sky, and everything in between. Intelligent Beauty celebrates the spectacular in the everyday moments that combine to weave the fabric of each exquisite day on Earth. Rolfs looks at beauty in a more mature, honorable, and lasting way. Rolfs believes in providing total beauty and creating a unique portrait of style for each individual – a style that causes the individual’s inner beauty to radiate by luxuriating the outer beauty and esteeming the whole. 

Rolfs is the pure expression of a place where everything and everyone is purposed towards putting one on the path to living their fullest, highest and personal best – a life that consists of a series of magical, enduring moments that celebrate timeless elegance, freedom and uncompromising individuality. We applaud variety and strength. Beauty comes from within, and glows, and this comes from building self-esteem, not stripping it away. 

With over three decades as an award winning, forward-thinking beauty industry leader, Rolfs combines state-of-the-art global design, digital technology, and nature, creating the most individualized and memorable beauty experience. At the house of Rolfs it is all about you, fulfilling your beauty wishes and wants on your own terms. It is a transformational space where you feel inspired, connected, acknowledged, heard, and respected. Empowering you to go out into the world and be your most beautiful self is at the heart of Rolfs.

At Rolfs, you are provided with a team of highly educated, compassionate, intentional, totally focused, world-class beauty professionals to consistently deliver a whole new standard of customized beauty. Innovation is at the core of our philosophy. We want you to have the best the world has to offer, the latest trends, finest products, and most invigorating, entertaining, luxurious experiences. 

The ultimate beauty experience.

Be beautiful on your own terms.

Your unique BEAUTY

Our internationally trained beauty professionals create styles based on your individual portrait of beauty in which your lifestyle, personality and life force are cultivated to achieve and celebrate your unique beauty. We offer the most result-driven, luxurious products, containing the finest ingredients, hand selected from each corner of the world.

Rolf Lohse’s journey began in Hamburg, Germany, a city given its name by the father of Western Europe, Charlemagne, who ordered a castle build there. Ever since, Hamburg has been the center for commerce and art. The Beatles grew to fame here and each day thousands of ships come and go from its bustling port. It is this foundation of art and commerce, instilled in Rolf from a very young age, that continues to drive ROLFS into the future.

At the center of the US beauty and fashion industry for more than three decades, Rolf is always a step ahead. Over the years, Rolf has been a leading innovator in the beauty industry, and he has guided ROLFS Salons with a keen eye to the future, constantly evolving and creating in order to deliver the best products and services to his clients. Rolf saw an opportunity to create positive, lasting change in the beauty industry and launched Rolf Lohse Global to bring new products and services worldwide.

Rolf’s singular personality reflects a no-nonsense approach to life, a perpetually evolving sense of style and fashion, combined with his remarkable wit and charm. Rolf’s spirit is embodiment of intelligent beauty, and is the platform from which Rolf Lohse Global will launch a thousand new ships across the globe.


Clear blue skies and skyscrapers

Classic and Rule Breaking

Worldly and humble

Playfulness and curiosity

Moonlight swims and dancing till dawn

Ascot hats and backstage passes

Heartfelt laughter and holding hands

Inventiveness and wit

Sophisticated and alluring

Passion and zest

Charm and Grace